Chlorine (Slow Dissolve Tri-Chlor Only) and Bromine. Hayward large capacity chemical feeders are designed to provide a reserve of chemicals (either chlorine or bromine) to meet the requirements of large residential and commercial pools and spas. These chemical feeders easily accommodate a variety of tablet or stick sizes.


  • Injection molded Duralon™ tank for durability and long life
  • Easy access, thread-in one piece cover provides dependable sealing and access for adding tablets or sticks
  • Ball check valve prevents system back flow
  • Bottom-to-top water flow for efficient circulation of concentrated, sanitized water
  • Dial control valve lets you easily adjust the rate of feed
  • Drain plug allows for quick and easy winterizing or servicing

*Includes mounting base, drain, calibrated inlet control valve, outlet check and see-thru cover.

Performance Data—Slow Dissolve Tri-Chlor Chlorine 
Model Number: C250EXP
Chemical Capacity (lbs): 16
Maximum Output (lbs./hr.): 0.35
Maximum Pool Size (gals): 70,000

Performance Data—Bromine 
Model Number: C250EXP
Chemical Capacity (lbs): 16
Maximum Output (lbs./hr.): 0.39
Maximum Pool Size (gals): 20,000


SPECAIL NOTE: Chemical feeders should not be used on pools with in-floor cleaning systems. 

CAUTION: Extreme care must be excerised when adding chemicals to your pool. Concentrated chemicals may react violently if they mix in the chemical feeder, causing a fire or explosion, which may result in PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL INJURY or DEATH. 

CAUTION: Never use any petroleum based lubricants on cover O-Ring. Regular lubrication is necessary to allow for easy cover removal. Use non-petroleum based lubricants such as Lube Tube.

1 year limited warranty.non-petroleum based lubricants such as Lube Tube.

Hayward Chemical Feeder, 16 lb - C250EXP