All Original Aqua Logic wireless accessories use radio communication technology to ensure reliable and secure operation over distances up to 400 ft. (up to 200 ft. through walls). In addition, each wireless base has a unique ID code to prevent any other wireless devices from operating your system. A single Wireless Base is required to communicate with an unlimited number of Aqua Logic wireless accessories.

  • Installs directly onto the side of the Aqua Logic main control unit at the equipment pad and communicates with all Aqua Logic Wireless Accessories
  • Only 1 Wireless Base required per system

This product is compatible with all Aqua Logic PS controls operating with software revision r2.00 or higher and using an AQL2-BASE-RF Base Station operating with software revision r3.00 or higher. Note that this product will NOT communicate with the AQL-BASE-RF Base Station.

Hayward AquaConnect Wireless Base Receiver - AQL2-BASE-RF