• Protect your pump and filter
  • Long lasting nylon material
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Extends filter cycles
  • Saves time
  • Fits all skimmer baskets

Sized to fit inside your skimmer basket where it traps pollen, insects, pine needles and other debris before they clog your filter. Contains 5 reusable nylon bags - just empty regularly and reuse or replace when needed.

Once you've used Filter Savers, you'll never run your spa or pool filter again without them! The ingenious pre-filter slips over your skimmer basket to catch larger debris such as hair, bugs, grass, leaves, and prevents them from reaching your filter. This liner allows filters to run a little longer between cleanings. Makes filter cartridge maintenance easier and a lot less messy.

When soiled, just toss it... or spray and rinse with a garden hose. Each can be reused several times, if desired. Fits any shape filter basket.

Filter Savers, Pack of 5